"Give us the Opportunity and we'll Strive with no Limits"
"Give us the Opportunity and we'll Strive with no Limits"

1st National AIDRIKINGS Foundation Essay Contest

Aidrikings Foundation Admin, Mon 29th, Feb 2016, 12:56


"My Friends, My Community" - The benefits of inclusive environments for today's children and tomorrow's adults.


The winners of the essay contest will receive commendation certificates and prizes, including a unique opportunity to discuss their insights into the reality of living with Down Syndrome and other disabilities on World Down Syndrome Day- March 21st.

  • First Prize: 40000 CFAF and a certificate of excellence
  • Second Prize: 30 000CFAF and a certificate of excellence
  • Third Prize: 15 000CFAF and a certificate of excellence.
  • Compensatory Prizes for the First Ten Winners

NB: All shortlisted entrants will be profiled on the Aidrikings Foundation website and the top 10 essays will be published on the website.

Terms and Conditions

  • The competition is open to nationals of Cameroon
  • Entrants must be aged between 15 and 20 years by January 2016
  • Entries must be written in English or French
  • The maximum word count is  750.  Exceeding the word count will result in automatic disqualification.
  • Only one essay per entrant is allowed. Once an essay is submitted, students/teachers will not have the opportunity to revise it. Please carefully check and improve you writing before submitting the final copy, and also ensure that all supplementary information is filled in correctly (name, contact details, topic number, etc.)
  • The final copy submitted for the competition must be the entrant's own work, and cannot be excessively corrected or improved by another person. This does not rule out input or assistance from others. However, an entry will be disregarded if there is any suggestion of excessive external help.
  • All entries must be submitted before midnight (GMT) on 12th of March 2016.
  • Please note: winners and runners-up of  Aidrikings Essay competition will have their full names, schools, essays and photographs displayed on the foundation website and social media channels.
  • All entries should be accompanied by an identification document (Birth Certificate, National or school ID card)


How to Apply

Interested young persons or students may submit their essays at the following mail address or the collection point closest to them.

Or by Email to seding as an attachment to contact@aidrikingsfoundation.org




PSS Mankon

Mr Anye ErnEst


GBHS Mambu

Vivian Titasoh


Crtv  North West Broadcasting house

Hilda Bih


Baptist Center Nkwen

Maku Vivian Nkonglah


Shed 11, Entrance to stadium

Lawrencia Shiri




Here are 10 things you should know about me.

  1. People with Down syndrome have 47 chromosomes instead of the typical 46. How does it happen? There is extra copy of the 21st chromosome.
  2. Contrary to popular belief, people with Down syndrome are not always happy. They experience every emoting you and i do. Trust me.
  3. While there are certain characteristic physical features that set people with down syndrome apart, people with down syndrome resemble their families  more than they resemble one another
  4. People with down syndrome are beautiful.
  5. Siblings of kids with Down syndrome are not affected negatively; on the contrary, most siblings report that their relationship is one of the greatest gifts in their lives.
  6. If someone you know has a baby born with Down syndrome, say “Congratulations on the birth of your baby!” all life is worth celebrating.
  7. People with down syndrome have hopes and dreams. They too want to make a difference in this world ( and they do).
  8. The word “retarded” is offensive, it hurts. People with Down syndrome deserve respect.
  9. Kids and adults with Down syndrome have much to say. They  have thoughts, ideas, and enjoy meaningful conversations. Take the time to listen and be a friend to someone with Down syndrome.
  10. Most families are living and loving life with Down syndrome.  If you don’t know someone with down syndrome, you are missing out.


Activities for world Down Syndrome Day in Bamenda

March 21st  2016
9am: Assemble at grand stand commercial avenue 
11am: Reception at Congress Hall Success stories and Award of Prizes to essay contest Winner.