"Give us the Opportunity and we'll Strive with no Limits"
"Give us the Opportunity and we'll Strive with no Limits"

Who We Are

Aidrikings foundation was founded in 2011 after the birth of Aidriking Tandanwa Nde who came to the world with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is a condition that a baby at conception has a duplication or an extra gene of chromosome number 21.

Aidrikings foundation has its headquarters in Bamenda North West Region Cameroon

In 2018, the Aidrikings Foundation was legalized as Down Syndrome Association Cameroon. Nevertheless, we still hold ownership of anything that is stated as that of Aidrikings Foundation and our website still carries the title  Aidrikings Foundation as well


 Advocating for children living with Down Syndrome and raising awareness to change wrong perceptions and harmful cultural practices meted out to children born with Down Syndrome and other forms of disabilities.


To influence societal perceptions towards persons living with Down Syndrome  and to ensure an enabling environment for all

Our Objectives  

  • Identifying children living with Down syndrome
  • Encourage parents and family members of persons living with Down Syndrome
  • Advocate against the cultural practices meted on persons living with all forms of disabilities
  • Create a home for children living with Down Syndrome especially those stigmatized by their families and communities